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Reader Equity Selections

Don Rodgers
April 26, 2007

Considering the number of requests I have received over the past two weeks to send analysis on selected equities, I thought it would make for interesting reading to see where I sit on some of them. I sent the analysis back to the readers via their personal email address and interestingly enough, the requests I received were pretty much for the same stocks. The most queried stock requests I received were (unless indicated by the .TO, they are American NYSE stocks) CMT.TO, PWO, PVX, BMD, BQI, UTS.TO, CLL.TO., FRG.TO.

CMT.TO (price on request date $12.27). The entry was $12.36, Target was $12.97. The volume needed to move the price higher to the target from the entry close or higher was 785,700. The volume received on the close of $12.36 or higher was 485,600-therefore no trade due to lack of validating volume, current price is 12.04.

PWI (price on request was $20.34). The entry was $20.79, Target $21.56, Volume needed based on the $20.34 close was 556,106. The highest closing price was $20.66, therefore the price entry was not hit, no trade. Current Price is $20.38.

PVX (price on request was $11.69). The entry was $20.70, Target $12.24, Volume needed based on $20.69 close was 2,043,210, Volume Received was 2,086,170-volume did validate the price so we should now hit the target. Current Price is $11.95, and given the slight retrace without triggering a stop loss is now 2,086,170, so if we see April 25th a close of $11.70 or higher we need to see an additional 406,214 shares come in to the buy side total to take us to the volume needed. Should we hit that volume total we will see the target of $12.24 hit. The stop from the entry is $11.43, the Trend Reversal Point is $11.16.

BMD. This stock has gapped thus giving a fairly high entry point (versus the current price at the time of analysis of $3.69) of $4.92, with a move up to $5.40. The current close is $3.42.

UTS.TO (price on request was 4.61). The entry price was $4.65, Target was $4.97. The volume did validate, the high off the move was $4.91 (missing the target by .06). The current price is now $4.76, Stop Loss is $4.49, TRP $4.33.

FRG.TO-The stock has been taking it on the chin for a bit (I held this stock and sold off my Trailing Stop $16.33). As the stock moved lower I had an entry to the downside of $15.44 with a move down to $14.91. The low off the break has been $14.45, and the current closing price is $14.96. In this instance the volume came in over two days to the sell side and the second day saw the confirmation and move lower than the target by an additional .46. The stock took a break from the selling, and moved slightly higher before continuing the downtrend.

CLL.TO-I had two entries for this stock with the first being $3.81 for $4.03 and the second being $4.20 for $4.45. The first move confirmed and moved to the target and the second entry confirmed with volume and missed the target by .02 cents, hitting a high of $4.43 off the entry on the news of a bought deal. Since that time the bought deal was cancelled and the stock shed .39 from yesterdays close and .55 from the close of $4.38.

By being aware of what professional money is doing, the above examples either showed how you would have stayed out of a trade, taken a trade, or taken a trade and then exited, locking in profits. Removing sentiment and guesswork is key to remaining profitable. By being aware of what the sector you are invested in is doing, you keep on top of current trending and you can make the decision as to buying, selling, or holding.

The entry for Natural Gas was $7.73 , we currently sit at $7.75 down on the session. We hit the entry and moved away from it as the volume was not enough to push us to $8.03.

Please continue to forward you requests for analysis to questions@entryandexitinvesting.com

Please feel free to visit my website at www.entryandexitinvesting.com.

Don Rodgers
April 26, 2007

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