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Running Fox, not Walking Fox

Bob Moriarty
June 21, 2006

Running Fox just released a news release today that any RUN shares holders or prospective share holders should look at closely. The press release can be viewed here.

In short, Running Fox has completed the purchase of an oil field service company, Claymore Field Services, Ltd. But what is more important, RUN can add the profit from this 100% owned subsidiary all the way back to January. And for a company with 29 million shares outstanding, the numbers are awesome.

The Fox can add about $1.278 million dollars in revenue to their first quarter and about $1.5 million in cash flow to their second quarter which will now have to be restated. I first wrote about the company last December when the price of the shares was about $.35. Hold on to your shares, they are going a lot higher.

Running Fox holds a 15% interest in one gas well in the Pincher Creek region of Alberta and has another well in another area of Alberta in the final stages of completion. Results will be announced on the 2nd well shortly. The Pincher Creek well produces about $200,000 in revenue monthly.

Running Fox advertises on both and We own shares and plan on purchasing more. We are as biased as we can possibly be.

Running Fox Resources

RUN-V $.60 Canadian [Jun 20, 2006]

29 million shares outstanding, 32.7 million fully diluted.

Running Fox website.

Bob Moriarty
President: 321energy

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June 14th, 2024

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