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Responses to I am ashamed

Bob Moriarty
January 7, 2009

  1. That needed to be said.

    RJ W
  2. I have never responded to an column or edititorial in my life. I just finished reading your article "I am ashamed". Thank you for having the courage to tell the truth. I will continue to look forward to visiting your site everyday. Thank you for your service.

    M W
  3. i noticed that you left out all mention of the bible where god gave israel to the "jews" quite a while ago. dont get me wrong because i dont agree with killing by either side but its more complicated than you describe if you believe in the bible. the palestinians claim the temple on the mount as their own as do the israelis. try telling either that they are wrong. i did like the 'long emergency' however and love your site.bob.
  4. Re: Your post on 321energy

    Who is Bob Moriarty?!


    What would we be as men if we fear to speak out on behalf of justice and the abused Palestinians?

    Good for you Bob, you're a fearless leader.

    Admirably, S G
  5. You truly told it like it is . You have my undying respect eternally for having done your home work and for being able to succinctly express "just the facts, ma'am." A
  6. Hi Bob, I also thought this might be a good opportunity to give less financial and military support to Israel (like Ron Paul recommends). Obviously they have too much resources, if they can still spend so much on this war effort ;)

    Giving nobody anything might be indeed the solution, and we can always come back later to diplomacy or some relief efforts if unjust things happen. But right now we (US) seem to indirectly cause most of the unjust things.

    Also, I had another thought about violence and why it seems to be with mankind since our existence. First of all, for some reason it seems humans want three basic necessities: 1. Survival (eat and sleep), 2. Pleasure (leisure and sex), and 3. Fight with each other. Not sure why, but I guess it is in the hormones.

    But my thought comes to this: Violence is the only act where there is no prevention other than violence in return. For everything else, there is another medium as response. But if a person or group starts a wild violent act of physical oppression or killing, he can only be stopped by physically oppressing him or killing him. At which point he of course will want to respond with the same against the oppressors or killers himself. Get it? So, it seems nobody can win this argument other than to stay away predetermined himself (or out of other's conflicts).

    I am sure you got worse responses to your rant!

  7. Go Bob go! Too bad we can't read/hear you on mainstream.

    From a fellow naval aviator...

  8. As a disabled Vietnam combat vet who grew up in Philly I thank you for your article and brave stand.

    I got the impression from every Jew I ever talked to that they would gladly sacrifice anything...including the USA for their home country...I live that idea doesn't go over well with me.

    J M
  9. where is your outrage? Stick to gold commentary. You are out of your league.

    T W
  10. I could weep, your article on Kunstler was a long time coming.

  11. I am ashamed to have been reading this website - It may be informed financially -but terribly ignorant (and self righteous) otherwise -

    I will take you advise and not return. It is as you say YOUR website.

    Your claimed two years as a combat pilot is not a qualification for anything - tossing that up as some support for your rant is idiotic.

    Sometimes I am glad the USA and it's citizens are crashing and the US will no longer be a significant power in the world. Then you will have your way, no involvement in the middle east.

    To accuse another of antisemitism, then to claim the Jews run the press in the USA - is so the "kettle calling the pot black" as to clearly indicate it is you who is the enraged antisemite and believer in the old Tsarist fable of the "Protocol of the elders of Zion"

    Your figures are wrong, your knowledge of history non existent, and most of all your analogy is just plain contrived. M
  12. I served three years in combat as in an airborne infantry unit - should this make me even more informed than you? Like your piloting, it is irrelevant.
  13. So be it, the US is crashing and with the level of ignorance you are displaying - no wonder. BJJS

  14. As an 'addict' of talk radio, I have been disgusted by hearing all of the fawning support of israhell, expressed on virtually every broadcast, over the last ten days.

    So, I was extremely gratified that you took time to write "I Am Ashamed", in which you pointed out the FACTS (of which I became aware of around 2001). I can only hope that it is widely read, and at least a few more brainwashed Americans will be motivated to prove to themselves that they have finally been exposed to the TRUTH of that sordid situation (and begin to CARE about the tragic, cruel injustices committed with our complicity).

    With admiration and gratitude,

    E R

    Spring, Tx



  16. Mr. Moriarty

    You have absolutely lost your mind. I have removed your websites from my list of sites I go to periodically. Under another email address in the past I voluntarily contributed to your site. Without Israel taking the action it does from time to time. Hamas and other radicals in the mid-east would be sending hundreds of rockets into civilian Israeli neighborhoods as well as sending untold numbers of suicide bombers killing men, women and children.

    You have shown who is truly an anti-semite. People like you are hate mongers without any understanding of the conditions that Israelis live under every day. Those Palestinians that stayed in Israel become citizens those that chose to leave at the urging of their Arab brothers have been treated as scum by those very same Arab brothers so that they could be used as pawns to try to drive the State of Israel into the sea. Take a look at the mid-east and what you see are failed Arab state after Arab state. The only advanced democracy and economy in the region is Israel. The Arabs have squandered the aid they have received over decades from the Soviet Union, the United States and Europe not to mention the vast oil wealth that has for the most part gone down the toilet. They are a blight on the world and its attempts at peace and progress.

    S J
  17. Thank you for addressing the Israeli/Palestinian conflict in an honest manner. The world needs more people to speak up about these Nazis of the Middle East and the evil they are doing.

    B M
  18. to kunstler. thanks for that.

    like you, I am horrified this is happening in near total silence. have we become so numb? what next?well, I suspect WE are next.

    thanks for your many brave cries against the dark, over the past year.

  19. Dear sir,

    I only wish to express my most sincere appreciation for your stance and denunciation of antisemitism. I am afraid as some one said out there the us congress is Israeli controlled territory.- I was reading Mr. Kunstler paper and STOPPED immediately when I recognized a total lack of impartiality to its sad comments.

    We are not living in a free world after all, the reminiscences of the Free America we once dreamed of are gone.

    It is very very very Sad.
  20. I am a Mexican citizen, born under more than 4 generations of commerce with USA. I grew up in an American School. all I can say is WOW !

  21. HEAR HEAR!

    Well said, Mr. M!

    More and more of us are tiring of watching Israel commit crimes against humanity!

    Keep up the good work!

  22. What makes anyone think you can solve the problem of excess debt by lending people more money? Who is dumb enough to think that you can cure the problem caused by too much spending... by spending more?

  23. Let us never forget the USS Liberty.

    A S
  24. I recently was given a literal toung lashing by this man when I listed a few of the Zionist actions behind the military and bankster actions since 911, he dismissed my oppinions as foolish, thanks for telling him where to put it.

    M M
  25. Bob, Thanks for the article about Kunstler. Now, I understand your views and will better enjoy the "free" lessons. By the way, I would appreciate one on the torturer-in-chief. Thanks.

    C B

    Lt. USN Ret.
  26. Good piece, Bob about Israel and the Palestinians. But as an inhabitant of the Netherlands and Europe I know that for a war there are always underlying reasons. What you see is never what it is. And in the Arab world there are always underlying reasons under the underlying reasons. It is to hidden and to difficult to explain why something happen.

    The fight in this case has his origins over several thousands years. Nobody know the real reason. Emotions, feelings etc. are a big deal in the perception of the Arab world. Nevertheless children, women and other innocent people die, that's always a shame for humanity.

    That is always the very sad story in these situations.

  27. Sent: Tuesday, January 06, 2009 6:17 AM

    Subject: &

    I urge you to not allow or to post anything of yours due to his being an anti-semite. Read his latest comments on Israel and Hamas in "I am ashamed". He should be.

    Here's also here is how he responded to an email to him

    Steve Jaffe

    On Jan 5, 2009, at 7:27 PM, Robert J Moriarty wrote:


    Fuck off, Israel sponsored Hamas when it suited them. If you bastards weren't stealing their land, you wouldn't be rocketed. Stop playing victim.

    I understand war crimes.

    Bob Moriarty
  28. Have you ever looked at a map of the region? Israel has a very minute block of land while the Arabs have a huge, huge piece of land. Also, would you sit where you are and live with rockets coming into your territory constantly without doing anything about it? I'm for Israel. There is plenty of room for the Palestinians amongst the Arab Nations. They just don't want them. But you have a right to your opinion, as do I. M L
  29. Bob Moriarty;

    You're activities in the Vietnam War qualified you for charges as a War Criminal. The military might of the USA protected you from any charges and the consequences.

    You're view of the Isreal/Palistine conflict agrees with my view. I commend you for stating your position and stating it so forcefully. Hopefully you're efforts will help change world wide attitudes toward the oppressor in the Middle East.

    L D
  30. Re: I am ashamed. Thanks for telling it like it is. A

    I completely agree with your "I Am Ashamed" essay. Gaza is a concentration camp in the literal sense and it has now become the 21st century version of Auschwitz.

    D H
  31. Amen to this, Bob. My wife - who is Jewish - is vehemently opposed to the actions of the ultra-right Likudites and the zionists who currently rule. There is a great article about the timing of the Gaza genocide. If I can find it, I'll send it. It's spot on.


    G W

    Richmond VA
  32. Amen. And I can convince exactly no one of this, usually due to Israel being the "Chosen People" which ends the argument right there. Seriously, that is the entire extent of the argument and I can talk to a wall after that for as much good as it will do.

    But people don't believe me on economics or money either.

    Not yet anyway.


    M C
  33. Hi,

    As a reader of your website I object to the content of the "I am ashamed" piece by Bob Moriarty. It has nothing to do with the 321energy subject matter. It is simply an attack on Mr Kunstler and Israel.

    As policy I thought you did not encourage such emotive political religious sectarian content. The article should be removed.

  34. Hi Bob

    I love your sites but please stay away from political issues. There Middle East situation is really complicated and not black and white. I am from Poland, and after the War World II we lost independence and were given away to Russia for over 50 years. Russia also took our eastern provinces and gave us some land on the west taken from Germany. Does it mean we should be bombarding Russia now or Germany should be sending rockets into Poland. Or should Mexico be firing rockets into California or Texas? Of course not, no war would ever end if we follow that logic. All the best to you and Barbara for the New Year.

  35. Dear Bob,

    congratulations! Your article 'I am ashamed' of Jan. 06, 2009 is right on target. I too liked to read Kunstler but even before I noticed some Islamophobic tendencies in his writing. Please continue to tell it like it is.

    Best regards

    P K

  36. I just read your editorial "I Am Ashamed".

    I am very, very impressed. Thank you. J D
  37. Would that this could be printed in every newspaper in the U.S. The American people had better wake up about the intent of the Khazar-Ashkenazi-Zionist- 'Jews?'

    Your web-site 321Gold is terrific!

    B B
  38. Kunstler noted a fact - Hamas rocket attacks were a prelude to the latest appalling attacks from Israel.

    Do you think those rocket attacks DIDN'T help trigger the disproportionate Israeli response?

    When you call someone like Kunstler a racist (didn't you notice his shot at the real racists who write to him?) you just make people like me (who think that Israeli violence against the people of Palestine is wrong, and that Israeli occupation of the West Bank is wrong, and that Palestinian violence against the people of Israel is wrong) stop trusting what you say on other matters.

    It's not racist to condemn Israel for attacking Gaza. It's not racist to condemn Hamas for attacking Israel. 'Whining' is so far off the mark it makes you look as though you've got nothing left in the tank. And War Criminal? Good luck America - when intelligent people start calling each other racist war criminals just because they disagree with each other, it makes the erosion of civil liberties even easier. Hey, he disagreed with me, so he's a racist war criminal - lock him up, and throw away the key! Come back Senator McCarthy.

    Now, if you'd just put the counter-argument that the Hamas rocket attacks had their root in Israeli aggression, and that cause-and-effect in matters of violence is always cyclic, and that nothing justifies the scale of the Israeli response, you'd have won more people over. But going nuclear on Kunstler (who is very clearly not racist) seriously weakens the good points you make.

    A J
  39. Dear Mr Moriarty,

    you have the point very clear, that critizising Israel is not anti- semitism, something that is especicially difficult to explain in Germany. I was quite shocked when I read Mr Kunstlers remarks. Thank you for publishing such a clear text.

    Best regards from Germany,

    K B
  40. Mr. Moriarty,

    +1, Well said!

    I thought that I would send a positive note to add to the huge volume of email that you will receive from the rabid Zionists. J R
  41. You said "If the Zionist war criminals running Israel and the American political system stopped stealing land from the original owners, perhaps they would not get rocketed."

    How did you determine that the Palestinians were the "original " owners? The Romans, in AD 35 took the promised land of Moses that he had settle in around 1000 BC, "Canan", later called Judea, from the Israelites (Jews and Christians -converted Jews) by slaughering them and running them off, and then allowed the Nomads to settle in the land that the Romans called "Palestinia". The Palestine homeland was stolen from the Israelites more than a thousand years after the "Original" owners settled there after a 40 year exodus from Egypt. There was no Palestine before that time.

    I am a Christian of German-Scottish heritage, so don't think that I blindly "Zionist". But you are making the same mistake that the main stream media constantly makes. Where has your outrage been for the past 30+ years while the Islamists have been lobing Russian made missiles into Isreal, killing indescriminately women, children and elderly from pla \ces like the Golan Heights as well as Gaza? At least the Israelies response is "Targeted" toward the opposition military leaders and not like the barbarian suicide bombers that board a school bus full of children!

    Frankly, you bother surprised me and disappointed me with your article. What would your response have been if Putin and his predecessors had set up camp in Cuba and lobbed missles into Florida on a daily basis for 30 years and said they were going to wipe America off the map and reclaim the continent for the indiginous indians and Mexicans that were here before 1621?

    Yes, you should be ashamed... but not for the reasons you have cited.


    D P
  42. Mr. Moriaty, I am a Bible believing person. God gave the land of Israel to the Jews a long time ago. I believe that he returned the land to the Jews in 1948 and in 1967. Bible students of prophecy have looked for and longed to see this re - establishment of the Jews to their land for centuries. It is necessary for this to occur prior to Christ to sit on King David's (prior) throne in Jerusalem. God's kingdom is to be re-established and Jerusalem is to be God's seat of government, with Jesus ruling for his Father. Prophecy indicates that Russia and Iran will invade Israel and that this will occur when Jeusalem has become a troubling stone to the nations(and proior to Jesus ascending the throne). I am proud that our country and the English speaking peoples are a friend to the Jews--Ibelieve that God has blessed this nation (in the past) in order that we be an ally and friend to Israel. Our loyalty to them may now only be history as you would have it. It will be Jesus himself along with the true saints that will ultimately destroy those armies that come against Israel (not the US and allies). Individually nor nationally we should not be an adversary to God's purpose.

    The Arab nations have had plenty of time to take in and assimilate the arabs in Gaza. If the Palestinians lay down their weapons there would be peace. If the Jews lay down their weapons they would be murdered. The promises of God came though Abraham, Isaac and then Jacob. Their descendants represent natural Israel and natural Israel has assimilated those who wished to become Jewish. Natural Israel is dipleasing God by trading away their God given land. In the future, the Jews that survive Armageddon will recognize Jesus as their Christ. Many nations will even then not know Christ and he will be opposed. Read Psalm 2. I do not agree with your opinions. Sincerely, B I
  43. Dear Mr. Moriarty,

    Just a few short comments to your 'I am ashamed' article.

    a) There is absolutely no moral equivalence or comparison Between Hamas and Israel.

    Hamas is officially recognized by Europe and America as A terrorist organization, and it has fired over 5,000 rockets At Israel's civilian population in the past 3 years only.

    Israel's southern population has been under terror attack For even longer than that, sustaining civilian casualties, And damage to property.

    If Mexico had been raining rockets on Texas what would You say? After all, didn't the U.S. take Texas from the Indigenous Mexicans?

    Maybe it's time the U.S. gave Texas back to the Mexicans, and showed The world how it's done.

    b) Israel's (and the Jews) right to the land is spelled out clearly in the Torah (the Bible) handed to the Jews at Sinai.

    It's the same Bible that has provided the world its 'moral compass', and the basis for all common law And human decency.

    c) Islam has declared a war on the West, it's economies, And its ideals. That includes You. You are as much of an 'infidel' as any Jew sitting In the bombshelters of Sderot. Just ask any of the victims of the Twin Towers.


  44. Well Bob , you're right, the site is free. However I do'nt believe I will take advantage of your generosity much longer, because in good conscience, it wiould be difficult, given your views. We are so far apart on the subject of the jewish people that it seems best to part company. I am a christian who believes israel is God's chosen people , for whatever reason, so I can't support wiping them out. Theyare not without fault, to be sure ,but still need a place in this world. thanks for the ride ......................................

    respectfully, a L
  45. Hello Bob,

    I have been listening and reading your work for some time....thank you for your article "I am ashamed". I to was quite taken back on Jim's 2009 predictions piece on the current conflict in Gaza. You nail it on the head Bob.

    I have just finished reading Noam Chomsky's "the Fateful Triangle". Highly recommended.

    Ok Bob keep up the good work. Thanks again...


    M C

    Berlin, Germany
  46. BRAVO BOB ,


    P E

  47. Bob,

    I know you link to Counterpunch so you may have seen this great piece. It is just more of the same which we [hard money guys] know about while the media and partisans keep their heads up each others asses.

    Really liked your piece by the way. Very 'stand up' position. Thanks again. eob
  48. Dear Bob,

    Yr pithy article on the jewish treatment of Palistine is so apt indeed!! We in New Zealand are just so lucky to live in a (relatively ) peaceful part of the world. By and large we are always on the side of the "peacemakers" & for that have often been castigated by the US. Way down here , we are powerless as we stand by & watch the USA use their overwhelming superiority (economically & arms) to Twist /persuade all others to toe the line !

    I have always found US citizens as individuals to be fabulous people but somehow the politicians always "stuff it up"!! Such is demonstrated so well in the treatment meted out to NZ when we dared to oppose nuclear arms -that cost us $$$$ billions probably as US politicians ensured we were shut out of so much! .Yet we are supposed to be friends. The US politicians ineptness is demonstrated in the many (failed) invasions backed by the US. Now we have this completely over-the-top invasion by Israel which is totally sanctioned & supported again by the US Sorry this all a bit garbled but my frustration at being able to do nothing but watch is sometimes overwhelming!! Best regards

    P M

    $*. Ps I link into yr 321 sites every day- they are brilliant- just wish I could make some decent money on gold /silver investments!! Thank you for simply, plainly and boldly stating the stark naked truth about the Israel/Palenstine crime scene. Doesn't anyone else see the horific irony of Israel running the worlds largest concentration camp? M
  49. I thought about sending Kunstler when I saw that to ask him how he comes off trying to present himself as some kind of caring righteous individual and then he spews that kind of blood thirsty garbage when the topic of israel comes up.

    Thank you and congradulations. You are a great man.

    Wi P. K
  50. Bob, if I launched 1,000s of rockets at your kin & home you would go nuts!

    And, it ain't Gaza residents buying the explosives either (they're too poor).

    Why does Egypt keep the border to Gaza closed? Post WWII Arab states kicked out about 800,000 Jews, minus their property, and told them to go to Israel. Why don't all those Arab states now invite Gaza residents to settle in their countries?

    Could it be they like to keep 'em near Israel for use as cannon fodder ...hum? Actually Gaza is not even within the top 30 most congested cities on earth. You should do accurate research before hitting the send button. Also the Jews were in Israel 2,100 years before there was the first Palestian. Hmmmm, I'm ashamed too....ashamed I wasted 5 minutes on this poorly written article. - RK
  51. bob, thanks for the update on Kunstler...

    here's the latest promo for new show

    the show should be pretty interesting... MK
  52. You ought to be. You syncophant of Islamic facism. S- Missouri.
  53. Your latest anti semitic diatribe against Israel is abhorant. The jews(Israelies) have just as much right to the land as the Palestinians. They have been fighting over the area since before Christ. If you draw borders for Europe in the same narrow minded way that you do for Israel you will quickly find hundreds of displaced groups of people throughout the ages that have gotten on with their lives. Humans are a warring group and the quicker you face that the better grasp of reality you might achieve. If you are so in love with your land grab theory then perhaps you could donate your Florida property back to the Seminole nation here and now.

    How you can say the blatant targeting of innocent civilians by Hamas and Hezbullah is in any way equal to the self defense of Israel is absurd and makes you look like a fool. Israel does everything in its power(much like the US) to avoid innocent collateral damage and that is the difference between the two. It is amazing that you can't see that for yourself. How do you explain the difference?

    You are right that this is your website and yes you do have the ultimate right to put whatever you want on it but the fact that you do it in the manner that you do makes you no less the asshole than a musician who spends half his concert performance time giving a political diatribe to people with whom he may disagree. It is called the Bully pulpit. It's use demonstrates for all to see who truly weak and childish you and your arguments are.

    K B
  54. Your essay "I am ashamed", are refreshing words of sanity on a suffocating subject plagued with equivocation, lies and outright madness.

    m m
  55. Regarding your latest article about the current war crimes being committed by Israel. High five, way to go, good job, Thank you very much.


    D W

    Santa Fe NM
  56. I applaud your courage. This is a tragic situation for the soul of Israel and the survival of the natives of the land.

    V M
  57. Moriarty:

    Israel left Gaza to the Palestinians years ago for them to rule alone and improve their life as they wish. That's more than their previous rulers Turkey, England, and Egypt ever did. And what did the Palestinians do? No infrastructure improvements, no new roads, no meaningful financial relief from their arab "friends" awash with petrodollars. Nothing to improve their own condition. Hamas just used Gaza as a launching pad to fire missles into Israel, and to plot suicide bombings of Israeli civilians, especially women and children. Oh yeah, and to kill other Palestinians who don't agree with them.

    Israel the war criminals? Laughable.

    K S.
  58. Hi Bob,

    This is the first time I have written to you. Please see important jpg at end of this email.

    Thank God there is someone in the world like you. I was beginning to give up hope that there were any decent people left in the West. I just read your article "I Am Ashamed". I have printed it and put in on my fridge for my family.

    This morning, and for the past week, I posted the commentary shown below, under pen of "Justin Time", on the CBC website, under the CBC news article on the Gaza incursion (LINK: ) --- and have been an active poster, giving the Palestinian side and trying to suggest peaceful solutions for both sides, since this tragic, barbaric action by Israel began (I was also an active, very concerned CBC poster during the Lebanese war).

    I know that I do not have to ask, I trust you, that you will respect my privacy by not disclosing my identity to anyone, for I am revealing here my CBC posting name, which is "Justin Time", which you certainly can quote or use this posting name any way you like, if you like, as long as you don't reveal my real name or my email address, which I would like to keep private.

    I'm pretty sure, looking at the picture, Bob, that these can only be cluster bombs. If you see how they go, by watching the live video on CNN of these things, the only conclusion is that whatever they are, they are indiscriminate and designed to kill as many PEOPLE (whoever they might be: old men, women, children, innocents) --- as possible ---

    --- and not a "surgical operation" as the Israeli Prime Minister's representative (Mr. Segev, I think his name is - very well educated, well spoken and extremely clever with cliches) keeps telling CNN and CBC (of course, neither CBC news interviewers, through lack of any clue, no doubt --- nor CNN questioners, by design, probably ---- seek to question the Israeli government statements that they are conducting "surgical" operations and trying everything humanly possible to protect civilians, in view of these pictures of what they are ACTUALLY doing).

    Regards, DM
  59. Hi Bob,

    I am writing concering your 321energy article, "I am ashamed". I am not Jewish, and I do not feel strongly one way or another about issues concerning Israel. Your statement that "[The origins of the Ashkenazi Jews] are from the Kindom of Khazar" has been proven to be absolutely untrue by genetic evidence. There are dozens of published scientific journals articles that establish this fact.

    There are also dozens of web pages that discuss the genetic connections between Jews around the globe. See for example, I quote from that web page as an example: "The Ashkenazi paternal gene pool does not appear to be similar to that of present-day Turkish speakers. This finding opposes the suggestion that Ashkenazim are descended from the Kuzars, a Turkish-Asian empire that converted to Judaism en masse in or about the 8th century CE."

    The web page that you provide contains "evidence" of your statement about Ashkenazi Jews that is either circumstantial or based on historical texts, both of which are disputable. Genetic evidence is indisputable. I encourage you to update your article with the correct information.


    R B
  60. Wow! Can you really be that ignorant of the facts - The Jews have always been in Israel - God's covenant with His chosen people covers many times the land they control now! God says He will bless them that bless thee and curse them that curse thee! I will not visit your site any more! A R
  61. I do not know what religious affiliation you are, Bob but it will be your opinion and all the world's that will bring the wrath of God down upon all those who dare poke their finger in the apple of His eye. Apparently you have no biblical knowledge or you would know that it was the Jews who were given the land by God Himself many thousands of years ago. And He will not relinquish the land on behalf of Israel, you or any other yahoo who thinks he's above God. God will "bless those who bless you and He will curse those who curse you". Stick to the metals and energy, Bob. You'd be better off for it. Israel has a right to live in peace but the world will not be satisfied until the Jews are wiped off the face of the earth. God will not allow that either, Bob. Wait and see if you can. Judgement day is coming, and for all the world to see. Repent or perish in Hell forever.

    B L, a Christian saved for eternal life in Heaven
  62. I have been reading and following your insights and much of your advice for a few years, but am just now compelled to contact you. Like you I am a former USAF pilot, but got my wings at the end of the Viet Nam conflict so wound up being a "cold warrior" flying KC-135 tankers then AWACS radar planes. Like you I am proud of my service but as I learned more about what I was serving eventually became disillusioned. Now I am beyond disillusioned, finally facing the cold, hard bedrock of reality on several levels... economic, investments, concepts of value; politics and it's corrupting machinations... and I have you to thank for at least a good part of my awareness of what is really happening in the world.

    Your article about the murderous Israeli assault on Gaza, one more of a long list of cruel abuses, is what finally inspired me to contact you if for no other reason than to thank you for your courage and outspokenness on a subject most congressional and senatorial cowards won't touch for fear of the AIPAC mafia. They're like a parasite that takes over the brain then the muscle control of its host animal, which retains only the image of its former identity but in reality is an altogether different creature. I view the USA as an illusion of it's former self. It's been gutted and most people who believe that its the same nation that existed during Teddy Roosevelt days would probably also believe a marionette show is a genuine human drama being played out in real time by creatures with feelings.

    Through your website I was able to make the acquaintance of Darryl Schoon and his wife Martha, and had them over last summer for a nice afternoon mesquite cook out here in the Tucson foothills and some spirited conversation. Darryl is a really bright fellow, sadly prone to occasionally being down (like myself) partially as a result of the apparent hopelessness of our present situation but probably even more because of the failed promise of this nation to those who accepted the illusions at face value. This experiment could have been so much more if not hijacked by (fill in the blank _____ with any of dozens of the guilty). I look forward to riding out this storm with him and Martha here in Tucson, come what may. I feel as well prepared as I can be considering my resources... which I think puts me in the 98th percentile just because I can live for months on my supplies. Maybe a bunker mentality but I feel there is little to be optimisitic about until I figure out what the new game is going to be and if I am going to go along with it or resist it. I'm physically and mentally prepared to do either one, depending. How far I have come from the cocky jet jockey I once was, with what seemed to be the whole world at his feet and so sure of the American Cause. Now I find myself doubting everything about it. But, on the upside, critical thinking has served me well and will continue to do so.

    Please keep up your excellent work and very helpful insights, and remember there are a few of us out here who are American to the core, and who still remember what being an American means in terms of the responsibilities we are expected to bear well, and what sacrifices we must be prepared to make. I know several like-minded patriots such as yourself who will not go quietly.


    Wishes, and again... thanks for your excellent writing. It's been a source of guidance and inspiration.


    R B

    Tucson, Arizona
  63. Bob ,

    I enjoy most of your comments, but on this I disagree. With your logic the US should give back California to Mexico and the East Coast to England, not sure but maybe Canada to France? They or most don't want piece, everything the Israeli's left behind the peaceful Palestinians destroyed. If Mexico fires missiles at California, I hope we make a Mexican city go away. M P

    And I agree that you should be able too exercise free speech on it much as you would in your own home or your place of work. Quite frankly yours is the last site I look at when I leave home in the morning and the first I view when I return home. I feel after 10 years of studying the metal markets your site has taught me more than the aggregate of the others.

    Put the political stuff in a different spot on the site, rather than in that precious top market information area. You and I both get damned disgusted when we buy a movie or concert ticket then get our time wasted by a "star" climbing on a soapbox and becoming a blatherskite and a boor.

    As I said, I've been studying our sector for 10 years, probably 20 hours a week on average, and I feel I am just starting to get a working understanding of the market and the forces that move it. Metals are ridiculously simple compared to the conflicts that take place in the Middle East. Let neither of us pretend that we understand that conflict well enough to editorialize about the causes or the focus of blame. thanks for your time. Prosper Greatly! K R S
  64. I read todays article, so what is the answer to this? For Israel to cease to exist ?

    R B
  65. Mr. Moriarty,

    You need a lesson in Middle Eastern history. I've never read an article so riddled with errors on historical facts.

    As far as I'm concerned, your credibility on any subject is shot!

    321 Gold---DELETE
  66. Bob, Thanks for telling it like it is in your "I am ashamed" piece. As someone who has lived in Israel with both Israelis and Palestinians, I've been watching the current slaughter unfold in Gaza waiting for SOMEONE in the entire gutless US news establishment to quit parroting IDF war propaganda and actually "go get the story". This says loads to me about the integrity you bring to the table in your investment write ups, and you have now become required reading for me.

    Good on ya!

  67. Bravo Mr. Moriarty! You're a voice of sanity in an insane world!

    Kunstler should keep to his Peak Oil specialty.

    But now I have to wonder why Kunstler's head, along with Obama's and those of the "Christian Zionists" and the heads of all the journalists at the NY Times and FOX News and the networks and the heads of the heads of state in the US puppet Arab nations and the UN Security Council don't just explode from cognitive dissonance.

    I want my vote back! I'm been sorry for my vote(s) before but never as ashamed.

    Pray for Peace,

    M A

    Marion IA
  68. Bob, Thanks for the 321gold and 321energy websites. The arabs are now everyone's favorite whipping's OK to bomb 'em, torture 'em, steal their resources, steal their land, subvert their lives. Face it.....Washington DC is Israeli occupied territory....and there is ample evidence to suggest we are entering into a new dark age.....similar to the 600 year reign of the Catholic Inquisition....where torture, murder, theft, perversion were deemed part of the Holy Script and enlightened governance.

  69. I was not so sure about you, but , after your last article I see that you share a dim view of those criminals in Israel and the criminal elite network.


  70. Regarding your Jan 6 essay on Israel, Bravo!! Would that our politicians could see this as clearly as you.

    C C
  71. WOW!!!


    God bless you,

    t s,
  72. Bob:

    Your article is both honest and brave.

    Stand by for name-calling and whatnot. They seem to have it down to a science.

  73. Well done. Israel is, in many ways, the new Nazi Germany.

    -- G
  74. I never agreed with your views now I know you are myopic----history and future comes from the bible.-------Accept it. MK
  75. I agree!

    B P
  76. Bob, I appreciate your comments on matters of economics and the market, but you are wrong beyond belief on the Isael/Palenstine conflict.

  77. I read some where you were a pilot in Viet Nam in the 60s?. I was a skinney teen aged private in northern and western I Corps 68 69 with the 196th Infantry when we chased the 43rd NVA Regiment back to the Nui Chom Ridge line. That summer at LZ Baldy when we werent making air combat assaults in Happy Valley, Ashau Valley and the Hiep Duc area, for 24 hours a day it was nothing but exploson after explostion week after week.

    Once when posted on day guard at Hill 54 I spied NVA building a bunker complex, I got the 2nd Louie to call in an air strike and the jet in order to ID us flew by us at eye level flaps down at what must have been almost stall speed and the pilot looked at us kicked in his after burners with a mighty roar which knocked me flat and took off almost straight up. The pilot then dive bombed the NVA bunker line and we witnessed many secondarys. I debated writing this as I know you are a financial advisor and this is not about that. I read your stuff every time Isee your name on When I first learned of your being a jet driver that story above came to me, heck it might have been you or one of your buddys.


  78. Dear Bob Moriarity,

    Like you, after reading The Long Emergency back in 2005, I assumed the role of Coleridge's Ancient Mariner, stopping anyone who would listen, to hear my summary of Kunstler's prediction of a return to pre-industrialized (early) 19th-century life as a result of the (then) imminent economic disaster. Since that time, I have liquidated my assets and have accumulated the requisite items needed in preparation for the long emergency. I considered him, along with a handful of other writers, the few insightful and knowledgeable among the throng,--someone worthy of listening to and perhaps seriously heeding his advice.

    Although after reading Kunstler's fictionalized portrait of the long emergency in his novel published last year, called World Made by Hand, (parts of which were so violent and horrible that I had to skip over page after page of brutality that the characters seemed to enjoy), I have wondered repeatedly how one man could have written both books, particularly since the author seems to praise so highly the horrendous actions of what I would call the Nazi-religious fanatics who control the new world he created in his novel. However, now that I have read his response to the slaughter in Palestine, it makes complete sense. I see that Kunstler relishes the thought not of the end of Wall St. or even federal corruption, but rather of the creation of a new world order of his own and (others') making, or at least one which he can participate in controlling (as depicted in his novel).

    I, like you, was utterly APPALLED and horrified by his one sentence dismissal of the current genocide being committed in what one could only call a completely ignorant, stupid, and alarmingly psychotic sneer towards the colonized Palestinians, and it has made me wonder whether I can justify praising him for any of his work given such a treacherous statement of psychotic fundamentalism. I have waited for five days now, reading through my favorite authors (including you) to see whether anyone in the US or indeed in any of the English-speaking Western countries would call a spade a spade. Regarding Kunstler's statement printed alongside some of the greatest thinking minds on informationclearinghouse, I can only wonder how he managed to get printed there since he obviously does not share the ideological orientation of great minds like Mike Whitney and others.

    I, too, feel terribly ashamed of being bamboozled by Kunstler because anyone who could distort the truth the way he grandly did in a sneer of one sentence (most certainly written while innocent children were being blown up)can only be described in the best case scenario as a creep--outfitted in intellectual clothing.

    Thank you for your article. I had been wondering of late if there were a country I could find where people actually thought about the sub-textual layers beneath the surface deceit promulgated by the media and government(s). I am grateful for your condemnation of the horror that lies within the words of Kunstler, yet I remain even more fearful of future events to come when people like he have the power to sway people's minds and justify inhumane acts.

    Thank you for your courage and decency!

    all the best,

    S P, Ph.D.
  79. way to call the kunstler shame ,, you hit it on the head ,,

    Its time to call this murdering bunch factually what it is

    b c seattle
  80. Hello Bob:

    I agree with you that the Israeli attacks in Gaza upon the Palestinians are shameful, cruel, and inhumane. I had read somewhere that the Khazarian Jews were a mixture of refugees from Islamic and Byzantium areas during the 8th and 9th centuries along with the original Turkic stock.

    Ancient communities of Jews existed in the Crimean Peninsula, a fact proven by much archaeological evidence. It is significant that the Crimea came under the control of the Khazars. The Crimean Jewish communities were later supplemented by refugee Jews fleeing the Mazdaq rebellion in Persia, the persecutions of Byzantine emperors Leo III and Romanus I Lecapenus, and for a variety of other reasons. Jews came to Khazaria from modern-day Uzbekistan, Armenia, Hungary, Syria, Turkey, Iraq, and many other places, as documented by al-Masudi, the Schechter Letter, Saadiah Gaon, and other accounts. The Arabic writer Dimashqi wrote that these refugee Jews offered their religion to the Khazar Turks and that the Khazars "found it better than their own and accepted it". The Jewish Radhanite traders may have also influenced the conversion. Adopting Judaism was perhaps also a symbol of political independence for Khazaria, holding the balance of power between Muslim Caliphate and the Christian Byzantine Empire.


    D H
  81. Hi Bob,

    I am a big fan of you and your site but I am really REALLY disappointed by your 'I am ashamed' article. I am russian-israeli and now Canadian resident.

    I advise you read very-very carefully what I am going to write. If you understand that I mean you would never ever write articles you did. I had several conversations with muslims in Israel and I told them the same and they did not know what to reply to me. If Palestinian guy (even a criminal with a bomb) comes to Israel and he is caught by police, he would be sent back or sent to a prison. If I am as a Jew come to Palestine, my mom will never get even piece of my skin, even a finger. I will be torn, burn and beaten to death. I do not advise you to argue about that, this is a fact.

    I am not against or pro the war, but Israel did not go to Gaza after a first, second or 50th rocket. They fire rockets every fucking hour. It took Israel years and years of huge patience and hundreds of dead citizens to start this operations. The only reason (and I see only one reason) why the international community is against or pro the conflict is because Palestine is not a country. You does not dare to speak about conflict between India and Pakistan because this is a conflict between 2 countries. But Israel and Palestine are different. By the way, do you know much about Kirghistan or Somalia ? Have you ever lived there ? So why do not you have an opinion about problems and death there?

    I really do not understand people who try to resolve a hundreds' years problem by writing there opinions.

    I do not expect you to reply, I hope you understand my point (however I personnaly do not believe you do because you have never lived there)


  82. Thank you SO MUCH for your dressing down of Mr. K. and his ilk. I have also enjoyed many of his cleaver and intelligent essays, but that passage you quoted made me sick. Thank you for your excellent web site as well as your own cogent thoughts. S B
  83. RE your article in 321 energy concerning the Palistinian situation.

    It is obvious that you and I follow some of the same alternate news sources and are open minded enough to gather our own information instead of swallowing the same BS that is dispensed by the group that owns the news media, the financial institutions and the congress.

    You always say what needs to be said, weather or not is is considered politically correct. I am sure you will catch some hell for this article. I respect your point of view, your past military service, and your point of view of what the SE Asian situation and the current state of affairs in the Mid - East is about.

    I am 54, I have been a financial advisor for over 20 years. I am currently with one of the three letter companies. I am catching some hell for recommending international equity funds, precious metals and natural recourse funds. The guy I work for is a flag waving right winger. He likes junk bonds for his retired clients.

    Bob, I always enjoy reading your websites, and listening to you on Financial Sense and the Korelin Economics Report.

    Thank you very much!!!!
  84. Hi Bob,

    I like your site, you keep it up-to-date and on-topic. If you charged a subscription I would probably be a client.

    I am a zionist descendant of the Khazars (to the best of my knowledge), and I feel deeply attached to Israel. Of course you never know if some great great grandmother of mine was raped or seduced by a kossack or a crusader thereby defiling my racial purity....

    Just thought I would make a comment: You state: "The Ashkenazi Jews that rule Israel have no legal, moral, historical or religious ties to Israel"

    What about Sephardic Jews Bob? I know some Zionist Sephardic Jews, and I am certain that there are a few in Israel's goverment, in leadership roles. Do they have any legal, moral, historical or religious ties to Israel?

    You may not like Israel or Zionists and that is fine. It is factually incorrect however to say that they have no religious ties to Israel. What difference does it make whether your great grand daddy was converted in the 8th century ad or the 8th century bc? or the 20th century for that matter? If you are a Jew you have some religious tie to Israel. As a muslim has a tie to mecca. no matter if you were alive in Mohammed's time or you just converted yesterday.

    If you are a citizen of Israel (a real country) you have a legal tie to it. If there were no Ashkenazi Jews in Israel's government and only racially "pure" Jews like Jesus of Nazareth what would your comment be?

    Jews, generally, like Israel and support it, whether they be ashkenazi, sephardic or whether they are recent converts from other religions. What the hell difference does it make? Jews have been in Palestine for millenia. Even you Bob, were you to become a Jew by choice, would feel a tie to Israel. By definition when you become a Jew you have a historical and religious tie to Israel. You pray for Israel and Jerusalem daily. It makes no difference how long you've been a Jew, much less who you think is in your family tree.

    The conditions suffered by the Gazans and the Palestinians in the occupied West Bank have nothing to do with the geneology of the Israelis in power. You want to attack Israeli policy - go ahead. You want to champion Palestinian rights - go ahead. Bringing geneology and racial purity into the discussion? you degrade yourself.

    That's all I've got for you.

    M P
  85. Bob, You are full of BS.

    J P
  86. Thank you... for telling it like it is re Kunstler. I stopped reading his website a year or so ago because came across something similar, his blind Israeli bias in another context.

    Was thinking if he's so off on that, he may be blind in other areas and his thesis therefore not as trustworthy. Hard to pinpoint where, but figured not worth following him.

    I admire you for calling him on this. You have a lot of readers. I'm glad they'll be alerted.

    Thanks, T
  87. Bob, While I don't always agree with your politics, I nevertheless have complete admiration for your piece on Kunstler/Israel today. I couldn't agree more and I for one am glad that people like yourself are not afraid to speak up and tell the truth. We need to get the word out.

    Keep up the excellent work!

    Regards, M M
  88. Just so you'll know, Bob Moriarty, I agree with the sentiments expressed in the subject post.

    B W
  89. Bob,

    I'm a big fan of yours, and stand in awe of your knowledge of economics, metals, energy, derivatives!!!, and morality as well. I must say I'm very confused on subject of the ed, I'm Ashamed.

    I confess that I know precious little of the Middle East history, squabbles, and never-ending wars, not to mention Ashkenazi Jews or Khazars. I have seen bits and pieces of horrible stuff over the years, and I must say that I will have to be convinced that those of the Muslim side of the pissing contest seem to be pretty violent, and very strange. Maybe I'm a victim of the Jewish-controlled-media in the US. Wouldn't be the first time.

    At least I'm very cognizant of the fact that one really shouldn't 'believe' much of anything not validated with one's own senses. I'm also a Viet Nam vet, 62-yo, TET in the delta, US Army, MI Branch. In every regard, you and I are fellow-travelers. I am also a warrior. But I am also painfully aware that the warrior is often the unwitting pawn of the Princes of Darkness. I am always open to evaluate any position, especially those held on faith. The article was quite an eye-opener.

    Keep up the fine work. I'm not bale to make Vancouver this month - might say hello in Calgary, or Vancouver in June. Bless you my Brother.


  90. Well said Bob... You have opened my eyes as to what is really happening in Gaza... Thank you... Sincerely, R G
  91. Thank you for your time to write that article, maybe everyone will wake up to what is going on over there. J D
  92. Dear Mr. Moriarty

    Thank you for the article titled "I am ashamed". It is very refreshing for me to read your clear presentation of the true nature of the state of Israel. And sadly I am of the opinion they will rather become mass murderers on unprecedented scale than learn to live in peace with their neighbors. The only scenario I can think of that would change that is if the USA goes bankrupt and can no longer support Zionists.

    Best Regards, A K
  93. Thank you for having the guts and honesty to tell it like it is. You you are in rare company.

    F S
  94. Bob:

    Well stated and much appreciated. I salute you.

    Regards, E H
  95. Drop dead.

  96. Dear Mr. Moriarty,

    Thank you for your heartfelt and candid editorial "I Am Ashamed". It brought tears to my eyes because you had the COURAGE to speak out -- and you have a forum where people can be educated, if they so choose.

    This may sound trite, but we have a saying at our house: Losing faith in humanity, one person at a time.

    You have restored my admiration for at least a count of one, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your willingness to say what desperately needs saying.

    While i'm at it, thanks too for your great websites. I've learned much from your many contributors, including yourself, over the years.

    With warmest personal regards,

    M D North Carolina
  97. I command you for telling the truth and denouncing the situation in Gaza and the massacres perpetuated by the Zionists with the hand of the néo-cons and Obamazionist.

    P L
  98. What is the point of calling someone pro-Israel an anti-Semite? The issues regarding the middle east are confusing enough without commentators trying to redefine well established terms.

    All of your assertions can be hotly debated, and assuredly will be until the end of time. But your emotional attack of Kunstler because he has the gall to defend Israel's recent action is denouncing one of America's brightest social commentators simply for having a different stance from you on one single issue. Are you going to denounce James Turk and try to destroy his reputation if he dares to reveal that his stance on abortion is contrary to your beliefs?

    Kunstler has done a big service to the US, and this planet, by researching and documenting the ills of our car-centric culture, suburban sprawl, and disfunctional transport and social structure. He obviously is very concerned about the fate of our country and has devoted his life to warn Americans and possibly change their way of thinking before everything comes tumbling down.

    Is he pro-Israel? That one statement that you allude to doesn't indicate that he is, nor does anything else in all his voluminous works. I have read enough of Palestinian, Israeli history to know that there is no clear-cut villain. You seem to derive your foreign policy stance from opinion polls. Don't presume to oversimplify an extremely ugly and complicated issue. Do a bit of research before you denounce a good man carte blanche.

    D. S
  99. Thank you, thank you, thank you Bob!


    K C

  100. Thank you for speaking out against the Kunstler piece. His short-sighted and bigoted words displayed a remarkable ignorance of the barbaric history the Israelis have imposed on the Palestinians. Thanks for setting the record straight.

    R P
  101. Hay Bob Moriarty, nothing presonal but blow me.

  102. Kudos to you for your analysis of the Israeli war criminals.

    R H

Bob Moriarty

President: 321gold


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