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I am ashamed

Bob Moriarty
January 6, 2009

It took a reader to wake me up to the fact I did something I swore I would never do. First of all, let me say I am under no compunction to provide a fair and balanced point of view on anything. This is my website and I get to post what I want to post. You arenít paying for it so your choice is to read it or go away, I donít owe anyone anything, Iím providing it for free.

There is no fair and balanced point of view on some issues. Rape for example. If I were to come out with an article decrying an increase in rape in some American city, should I also post something from a rapist explaining why thatís a good thing? I think not. There are some issues there are not two reasonable sides to.

Torture is one. Anyone can be tortured into confessing to anything. So torture is not a way of gaining information, no matter what the media tells you. And as a former military pilot with two years in combat, itís my point of view that itís a bad idea for us to torture because then the enemy of the day might also conclude that should do the same to those Americans they might capture, such as pilots.

I have long been a fan of James Howard Kunstler, author of ďThe Long Emergency.Ē Up until today, I have recommended it to everyone I know. We have posted a dozen or so of his pieces, with a link to his site.

Iím sorry I did, it took a reader to point out to me Kunstler is a racist anti-Semitic whining War Criminal.

This is part of what he said, ďUntil the last few days of the year, that is. I'm sure the ever-growing cohort of American anti-Semites who send me emails will be tickled when I assert that the Hamas rocket attacks against Israel of recent days guaranteed a sharp response from Israel -- and now, of course, Hamas is playing the crybaby card: "... what'd we do to deserve this...?" Well, you fucking fired a bunch rockets into Israel. Did you ever hear of cause-and-effect?Ē

Well Mr. Kunstler, have you ever heard of cause-and-effect? If the Zionist war criminals running Israel and the American political system stopped stealing land from the original owners, perhaps they would not get rocketed.

The latest war crime on behalf of the whiners in Israel and their blind and ignorant supporters in the US have resulted in the deaths of 531 Palestinians and an additional 2500 wounded. Let me put that into perspective. The US has 200 times the population so for us to experience the same causalities, we would have to have 106,200 deaths and some 500,000 wounded in ten days of massacre.

Let me give you some facts no American media will provide you with. The Gaza Ghetto is 139 square miles, about the size of Philadelphia or Seattle. Within the Ghetto 1.5 million people live in abject poverty with an unemployment rate of 65%. Itís one of the most densely populated areas on earth. Israel maintains a total and complete blockade on the Ghetto (In comparison, the Warsaw Ghetto contained only 500,000 people)

The blockade is illegal but seeing as how Israel has ignored hundreds of UN Resolutions regarding their illegal treatment of Palestinians, itís just one more war crime on their part.

I called Mr. Kunstler an anti-Semite. I mean exactly what I say, whereas he just used it in the typically whining crybaby Zionist way where anyone who dares criticize Israel is at once denounced as an anti-Semite.

But the Zionists who run Israel are not Semites. The Ashkenazi Jews that rule Israel have no legal, moral, historical or religious ties to Israel. Their origins are in the Kingdom of Khazar, they converted to Judaism in the 8th Century. The Palestinians are Semites; the Ashkenazi Jews are not Semites. So by attacking the Ghetto at Gaza, the Zionists have become the biggest Anti-Semites of all times.

The latest massacre of innocent people in Gaza should be a wakeup call to anyone who possesses a moral compass. Mr. Kunstler obviously does not. The overwhelming firepower, mostly provided by the US Congress that has been bought and paid for by Israel with the money the US sent as military aid, has caused a kill ratio of over 100-1. Thatís not warfare, thatís a massacre.

Israel is a failed state. The Zionists have proven beyond question that they cannot live in peace with their neighbors.

Whatever crimes against them were committed in Europe 60 some years ago is not the problem of the Palestinians who have inhabited their country for 5000 years. The Zionists have no right to steal land from Palestinians; they have no legal or moral claim to it. And while everyone else in the world realizes itís a failed state, only the Zionists ignore the fact that either they learn to live in peace with their neighbors or they will have to become mass murderers on a scale unmatched since WW II.

Anyone not disgusted by the actions of Israel lacks a moral compass or is a victim of the Jewish controlled media in the United States that forbids anything critical of Israel. Or both. These actions of the last 10 days go beyond war crimes.

If Israel is to ever get along with their neighbors, the first thing they need to do is drop the victimhood act and stop whining. Israel is not the victim, they are the criminals.

Bob Moriarty
President: 321gold


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May 25th, 2024

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