April 16th, 2014

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Striking Gold in the Bakken
Bob Moriarty  Apr 13  

A Prelude to Another Energy Economics: My Bet is on Japan to Remain in the Winners' Club
Ferdinand E. Banks  Mar 22  

Still Another Know-It-All Handout on the Economics of Nuclear Energy
Ferdinand E. Banks  Mar 18  

Oil Triple Threat
Bob Moriarty  Mar 07  

Four Countries that Could Send Oil Prices Up
OilPrice  Feb 22  

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expert analysis & newsletter briefs

Zimtu Capital Corp.

"Many retail investors don't have the necessary expertise to invest in the right company at the right price. That is why investors would greatly benefit by investing in a public vehicle that has the right management team to intelligently invest their capital. Zimtu Capital Corp. is a perfect example of this. By investing in one entity like a Zimtu Capital, you not only gain exposure to a number of different companies and decrease your risk, but you are also investing in an undervalued company where its asset value is worth more than its current market cap." (4/15/14) - The Mining Report Interview with Etienne Moshevich

Fission Uranium Corp.

"In the long term, the outlook for uranium is positive, and the discovery that Fission Uranium Corp. and Alpha Exploration made in the Athabasca Basin is huge. There were only three big winners in 2013 for investors, in terms of penny stocks going to multiple dollars. . .when investors saw that two of the three big winners were in the uranium space, they started moving there. . .people forget that Fission was spun out of Strathmore Minerals. Fission is exploring assets that Strathmore had not. This gives people hope that the majors may have overlooked properties and that a junior could leap to being a developer and vastly expand its market cap." (4/15/14) - The Mining Report Interview with Etienne Moshevich

Cub Energy Inc.

"I follow Cub Energy Inc., which has assets in Ukraine. The company is doing about 1,800 boe/d. Mikhail Afendikov, its president and CEO, has lots of experience in the region. The company just announced that it is drilling its O-11 development well. Cub owns 30% of that well. . .KUB-Gas LLC is Cub Energy's subsidiary. Cub Energy has a 30% ownership interest in KUB-Gas. Cub's netbacks are very high, something I look for when evaluating oil and gas companies." (4/15/14) - The Mining Report Interview with Etienne Moshevich

WesternZagros Resources Ltd.

"WesternZagros Resources Ltd. found oil, vetted it and now has a permit to produce it. That pushes it up into the No. 1, No. 2 draft pick area. However, I warn people not to invest in just one company." (4/10/14) - The Energy Report Interview with Matt Badiali

Fission Uranium Corp.

"Fission Uranium Corp. announced scintillometer results from an additional seven holes at Patterson Lake South. Highlight hole PLS14-201 (L855E) hit 82.5m of mineralization including 16.8m off scale. . .the company is doing what we expected it to do, expanding known mineralization, filling in gaps while connecting zones along strike and expanding laterally, north to south." (4/7/14) - David Talbot, Dundee Capital Markets

featured companies

Avanti Energy (TSX-V : AVN.V)
Enhancing Oil Production in Brazil and Colombia
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Marauder (TSXV:MES)
Shale Oil Play On East Coast of New Zealand
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Pan Orient Energy (TSX-V:CAN)
Canadian junior oil and natural gas company based in Calgary, Alberta.
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Quantum Energy (QEGY.PK:OTC)
Development stage publicly traded diversified holding company with an emphasis in oil field development trading
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Rift Basin Resources (TSX-V: RIF.H)
Mature Oil and Gas Field Revitalization in Southeast Asia
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Super Nova Minerals Corp. (SNP:CNSX, OTC:SNOVF)
Oil & gas exploration company focused on developing the Millford Bakken property
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The Energy Report ()
Investment ideas for saavy investors
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Torchlight Energy (NASDAQ: TRCH)
Oil Drilling and Working Interest in Oil Projects
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Umbral Energy Corp. (TSX-V: UMB)
Resource Plays and Conventional Oil Production Assets in Quebec and Alberta, Canada
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April 16th, 2014

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